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The Book

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A Million Little Miracles

A Common Sense Introduction to the Law of Attraction

How have you dealt with those unexpected curve balls life has thrown at you? Because how we deal with them can greatly impact our life, relationships, happiness, and peace.

A Million Little Miracles: A Common Sense Intro to the Law of Attraction seeks to guide you in creating the life of your dreams. Author Lisa Kentner shares stories of how she manifested things and people into her life while going through an unplanned divorce. She provides exercises to help train your brain to look at things from a positive mindset, and details how she was able to navigate her divorce and come out better on the other side.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to focus on the positive

  • Redirect your thoughts and perspective in potentially negative situations

  • Manifest things and people

  • Improve your love of yourself

  • Learn to create and live the life of your dreams

A Million Little Miracles is your loving nudge to start living a joyful life by loving yourself and retraining your brain to think positively. Practice the exercises and know the universe is abundant and provides what you ask for. Dream big!

Meet the Author

Lisa Kentner is a Marketing Instigator, a mom to an overachieving brainiac and provides a boot in the butt to her small business clients to create consistent, simple to use marketing plans. She is a late bloomer, married at 39, had her daughter at 42, started her business at 50 and got divorced and wrote her first book at 60. Through all of that she became a true believer and practitioner in the law of attraction.

Lisa made a conscious decision to get better (not bitter) as she was thrown the curveball of a divorce after 19 years of marriage. She manifested a series of things and people into her life while going through her divorce. She strives to help people learn to love themselves, find joy and learn how to think positively while navigating through difficult times in their lives.

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