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Marketing Instigator Adds Talent to The Sales Purse

Lisa Rochford, Marketing Instigator and owner of Connections Business Services in Waterford, MI is joining The Sales Purse as a blogger extraordinaire! Her skills as a marketing consultant, business owner and accomplished salesperson will be greatly valued!

The Sales Purse was founded as an ezine in 2013 which was sold to consumers via iTunes. Just recently, the company has switched its delivery mechanism from a digital ezine to a blog. The blog allows the staff to reach their target market more frequently and quickly than the monthy ezine did.

"I'm so excited to have Lisa join the team," notes Jennifer Alford, editor of The Sales Purse. "Her sales experience and tenacity will make her a reader favorite, no doubt!"

Rebecca Booth, Creative Director for the blog concurs, "Lisa is an amazing talent. Not only does she understand marketing, but she knows the problems of business owners deal with every day, so working with her is efficient as well as fun."

The Sales Purse is devoted to women in sales and women business owners, managers and professionals. The blog will mirror what the ezine did by providing articles that empowers the reader, eases her stress and as well as gives her a reason to smile! Expect to find feature articles about successful women business owners, tips on selling/marketing your business better, as well as management tips, affirmations, money management and empowerment quotes.

Expect to see a post by Lisa after the first of the year.

Got a story idea or a question for either Lisa? Send it to All of us are eager to hear from you!

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