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Are You a Yo-Yo Marketer?

The key to steady sales starts with a question...

Have you found yourself so busy taking care of business that your marketing efforts come to a screeching halt? After some time, the business settles down and suddenly things are very quiet. The phone has stopped ringing and you don’t have any new prospects. You panic when you realize you haven’t done any marketing in months. Then you drop everything else and start advertising, networking, posting on social media and doing anything else you can think of to create business. If this scenario sounds familiar you might be a yo-yo marketer. Like yo-yo dieting, yo-yo marketing is not very effective. It can also be very stressful and expensive. Successful businesses learn to implement marketing programs that happen on a consistent, continual basis. If their business is seasonal such as a CPA firm should they use the non-busy times to create newsletters, Facebook posts, blogs etc. that can be scheduled and sent automatically during their busy season. This becomes part of their marketing plan and marketing calendar. Often yo-yo dieters find that they lose weight initially but go back to their old habits and up gaining more weight. Yo-yo marketers find themselves constantly climbing that uphill battle to keep their pipeline of new business prospects full. With consistent marketing the sales funnel can be kept full. If you need help developing consistent marketing efforts, give me a call at 248-766-3962 or email,, to schedule your free marketing consultation appointment.

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